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It’s Ortus Carnival!

It’s Ortus Carnival today and I had woke up very early today because I can’t hold back the excitement in myself towards the very special event. Besides of nurturing entrepeneurship qualities in Ortusians, the carnival also aims to donate the profit from the carnial as charity! However, I wonder whether where the money would go… *giggle*

The entire day started with a recap of yesterday’s briefing about today’s carnival by the I-have-nothing-to-do councillors. They told us what to do before, when and after the carnival (how crappy… I nearly fell asleep!) and bla bla bla. That was the really ‘sien’ part of the carnival.

I was busy putting up my class stall’s advertisement all around the carnival. That was really tiring as beside punching holes on the stupid posters, I have to cut the raffia strings, pull the string through the very small holes on the posters and tie the string tightly, without buldging the poster, onto the wall!

The carnival started at 10.00am sharp when Ms Koe, the Ortus consortium’s head, cut the red ribbon. Thanks to the odd but sunny weather (as it is the first time it did’nt rain in the morning for the entire week!), there are quite a lot of customers coming to our stalls to buy our delicious ice balls! I am so happy seeing slips and slips of coupons being dropped in our coupon box. I really wonder how is our games stall doing and I wanted to go over there to have a look, but due to the massive flow of customers, I am unable to leave the stall!

The funniest thing is that there is one Secondary One boy keep comign to our stall and asking for plain ice balls instead of flavoured ones… but so sorry we’ve to collect $1 for each! Luckily he bought them without hesitation and that $1 bill just rolled in!

I saw Bing Yuan, who is in-charge of the game stall, walking towards our food stall… he told me that nobody was playing our game! I really wonder whether our game stall would have NEGATIVE net porfit… hope not!

I shouted my heart out for advertising our ice balls:

“Ice balls for sale! Ice balls for sale!”

“One cup of ice balls for one dollar, the best deal in town!”

“Ice balls for hot weather! Quech your thirst immediately with our super toppings!”

Some customers came and even teahcers showed their support by buying our ice balls! The demand was so well that we used up all the bowls and spoons we bought and have to ask Yan Ming and I (why me?) to go FairPrice to buy more.

Fruit cocktail was the most popular flavour and most of the customers bought it. Next is the chocolate flavour. Anyway, we gave teachers for extra toppings, so greedy teachers keep coming to our stall to buy ONLY fruit cocktail ice balls. Hahaz.

For the enitre carnivals there is song dedications to different people (including teachers!) and it is fun to hear the songs when selling ice balls. My hand is almost forzen because of grabbinglots of ice to be blended and also almost worn off because my hand was busy blending ice! Luckily the songs kept me moving on.

The nothing-to-do councillors announced an early closure of the Ortus Carnival at 2.20pm. How disappointing! This is because I thought that the carnival would end at 3.00pm. The ice-cream stall was busy selling off their remaining ice-creams buy selling $1 for THREE scopes!

After packing up, which is very heart-breaking because all of our balloons are popped by 3I people by purpose (because they hated our decoration which outshine their stall!) and also our hardly decorated stuff have tobe torn down. Anyway, everything has an end to it, so there is no point to be sad. That’s what I told myself.

During the prize-giving ceremony, 3K won the Best Decorated Stall title, 2J won the Most Enterprising Stall title and 1I won the Most Profit Stall title. Although my stall didn’t get any prize, but we’re happy with the profit as we got a net profit of S$100!

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