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Preparing For Ortus Carnival #2 – Busy

Well, well. After the tiring shopping at Woodlands yesterday, I am now preparing for tomorrow’s Ortus Carnival.

Anyway, let’s talk about the two stalls my class is setting up. One is a food stall and the other one is the game stall. We are selling ice balls (that’s Tristan’s idea) and also providing a game, called ‘Going Ballistic’.

Ice balls are made by making ice cubes into smashed ice and then smashed ice are made into a ball shape. We suggested several flavours, for example, Rose Syrup Flavour, Orange Syrup Flavour, Original Ice Kacang Flavour, Gula Melaka Flavour, Fruit Cocktail Flavour, and Chocolate Flavour. That’s a lot of them so each of us have to carry quite a lot for tomorrow’s carnival. Luckily Mr Goh rest assured that these stuff are to be kept somewhere in the school for tomorrow’s carnival. Personally I think that the Chocolate Flavour would be a hit for tomorrow’s carnival.

For the ‘Going Ballistic’ game, participants are asked to smash the balls when different colours of balls roll out from various tubes. Green balls get you 1 point each, red balls give you 2 points each, however, black balls give you -3 points each. When participants becomes panic as they can’t smash any balls, they would anyhow smash and might smash the black ones. That’s really tricky! I tried that before and I got -6 points!

We people are now busy decorating the stalls for tomorrow’s carnival. We bought Crepe Papers and tear them into threads to be hung onto the raffia strings. We even drew posters and advertisements to attract more customers! Hope that everything would go okay tomorrow.

The 3I people are still so ‘kiasu’. They wrote that ‘Weather is cold. Eating ice is no good’, ‘Don’t waste your money on ice’ and bla bla bla. They’re really disgusting for using such idiotic ways to beat us. Of course, we didn’t tear down their posters (or not these morons would think that it is an act of war!), but we ‘battled’ with them verbally. They are not so good in dodging verbal insults, so they got somehow quite pissed off.

Too bad our stall decoration outshine their stall, so we’re confident that we could attract more customers tomorrow. Hahaz.

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