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Preparing For Ortus Carnival #1 – Soaked

Yan Ming, Wu Xi and I are planning to go to the Fair Price supermarket near Wu Xi’s hourse to get some food for the oncoming Ortus Carnival. Yan Ming and I met up with Wu Xi at the street soccer court, and when our journey begins, my misery also starts!

When we are about to reach the bus stop, it started to drizzle. I though it was just a stupid drizzle to ground those who I-don’t-wanna-get-wet-in-the-rain people. But eventually the rain became heavier and it started to rain like cats and dogs! Big beads of contaminated rainwater splashed mercilessly on my entire body and when I reached the bus stop, I was 60% drenched!

Inspite of the heavy rain, we hired a cab to go Wu Xi’s house. When I hop on the taxi, the rain stopped. Of course, I still have to take the cab as we are the ones who stopped it beside the road. Too bad, so we had to sacrifice our pocket money taking taxi in a sunny after-a-heavy-rain afternoon.

After we bought what we needed, we went to the food court. I planned to buy some pork soup but the stall was closed. I waited and waited and waited but the stupid stall owner does not appear. So I had to buy some other stuff. When I was paying for the food, the stupid stall owner came. How unlucky I am!

After having some food, Yan Ming and I decided to go back home. We planned to visit Samuel, which is living just opposite Wu Xi’s house. When Yan Ming called him, it started to drizzle again. Yan Ming told me not to bother the little drizzle, but eventually, the same thing happenned again. The drizzle became a heavy thunderstorm and we are forced to take taxi home. When the taxi was just a couple of meters away where we stopped the taxi, the rain stopped.

I wonder whether God was fooling me. Anyway, it’s all over and tomorrow will be a sunny day!

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