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Another Rainy Sunday

Another rainy Sunday! I am really frustrated with rainy days, because I am scared of cold, so I am forced to reduce my activity range to just sleeping, yawning and getting some heat in the blanket. How would you feel if you get grounded on your bed (bedridden, somehow…)? I think you wouldn’t feel good!

At last I tried to beat the extreme cold suspending the the spine-freezing air and rushing straight to the computer lab to have my today’s blog written. By the way, I’ll have to drown myself in research on the Internet becasue I still owe Cikgu Tan 7 ACE Points.

The weather is terribly cold this weekend and I wonder whether what the director of The Day After Tomorrow said is going to come true. Hope not! The lowest temperature recorded in my room for the oast few weeks is 20 degrees Celcius! How cold! *Shivver*

I wonder how those Northerners and Southerners bear the extreme cold in the year-end and mid-year respectively. I am really envy of their anti-freeze nature! If I were them, I think I would have been frozen during the end of autumn!

Anyway, I really hope that the sun would come out tomorrow, or not I might be frozen to death on the spot I leave my room! Hahaz.

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