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I Just Love MammaMia!

I went to Esplanade to watch the Mamma Mia! musical today, and the musical was, as what other people said, 150% entertaining and 150% full of laughter!

Poster of the greatest musical – Mamma Mia!

I bought the ticket with quite a lot of money as it was not cheap, as I once expected it to be a mere S&10, but it turned out 6 times more than what I predicted! After buying the ticket, I first thought that it was really unworthy to spend such great sum of money buying a tow and a half hours musical entrance ticket. However, after watching the musical, I totally changed my mind! It was really the greatest musical I have ever watched in my life!

The entire musical is about a teenage girl, Sophie, was about to marry. The story revolved around Sohpie, her husband, her mother (Donna) and her THREE possible biological father. The entire play was filled with laughter! ABBA songs are greatly fitted into the plot of the entire story and hence bringing outstanding impact on the audience.

However, I loved the ending part of the musical the most. That was when everyone came out to sing the three greatest hits of the ABBA album – Mamma Mia (of course!), Dancing Queen and also Waterloo! That was the most exciting part as most of the audience stood up and clapped along with the tempo!

Mamma Mia is the greatest musical I have ever watched! If you don’t go grab a ticket now, you must then me mentally prepared to be doomed by disappointment forever!

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