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It’s Games Day!

Today is Games Day (obviously…). My day started off with a spine-chilling swim in the swimming pool in the school compound. The swim was quite ‘sien’ so I moved to play golf near the swimming pool at 9.00am. Firstly is because the water is far TOO cold for me to stay alive and also the weather is still quite chilly. Secondly is that swimming laps and laps does not seem attractive to me, so I decided to change to other nice-to-play but semi-slack activites.

I heard from my friends that some lazy bugs are sleeping at the library. Fortunately (‘unfortunately’ for the ones who are sleeping in there) there are frequent spot check held by teachers from time to time. Serve them right if these lazy bugs got caught.

I went golf and find that it was interesting, so I stayed till 11.00pm and went to the canteen for lunch. Golf appreciation activity was great as it was free and teaches us (who have not even touched a golf club before) putting and swinging. Swinging was quite easy, just the back-swing part I got my posture wrong repeatedly and I always missed the golf ball. The putting part, though require you to putt the ball into a hole just metres away, is quite challenging. You’ll have to control your strength of putting or not the ball will go into the water or sand bunker. How irritating as I can’t get the miserable little ball into the hole.

Anyway, we gathered at the basketball court when the weather was damn hot. I was almost baked and roasted under the intense heat of the sun, so do others. The PE teacher kept takling crap and not considering that we are in a cooked-by-microwave-cum-baker-heat situation. Luckily I got a piece of Maths worksheet to shade me from the galring sunlight.

Stupid sunlight bounced off the with uniforms and reflected right into my eyes. That really hurts and is extremely irritating as you can’t get rid of that miserable white light!

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