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What A Slacky Afternoon!

Omigosh, today’s afternoon is the slakiest afternoon I have ever experienced in my entire stay in my school!

Everything started after Mr Edmund Teo’s talk, which analyses our study preferences. It was Ms Kala’s DOUBLE period and everyone is quite feared about having loads of homework from her. However, things turned up against what we expected. She was just talking and explaining during the entire 80 minutes duration NON-STOP (wow!), and luckily she didn’t give us any homework! Hahaz.

Our DOUBLE Maths period starts at 1.45pm as usual, which takes up 50% of our lunchtime. Luckily Ms Kala released us at 1.20pm (10 minutes earlier than usual), to let us have time to go down to the canteen to grab some stuff to eat. Ms Wun taught us identites, one of the hardest topics in Geometry. However, seeing us to be very slacky, which possibly triggered her slacking syndrome, Ms Wun released us at 2.10pm (which is 1 hour and 10 minutes earlier than the usual timetable!). Great!

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