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Super Boring Formal Dinner

The end of the year 2004 in approaching. With the conjuction of the end-of-year activities organised by the boarding school, a end-of-year formal dinner is held in the dining hall at 6.00pm today.

Besides the unacceptable noises created by new borders (who might not experienced this type of BIG event), the food is also lousier than USUAL. That’s really odd, but true. The mushroom soup is just a mixture of plain tap water, mixed beans (corns + green peas + carrot cubes) and LOTS of artificial flavouring! There are only two possibilites why the soup tastes like THIS – either my taste buds are malfunctioning or the cook does not know who to cook. The salad is what we had for the past 3 years (yucks!) and the fried rice is tasteless! I now wonder who miraculously I was to swallow all that food down my oesophagus.

So, before waiting the chops to be served, I left the function hall, bearing the horrible aftertaste of those food. I never ever ate such a horrible food! I am really quite worried whether I would go hungry after I left the formal dinner… but nevermind, as I am now cooking a bowl of noodles already.

I felt quite disappointed by the food. The formal dinner last year wasn’t that bad? We had roasted chicken and some nice soup and buns stuffed with licky ice-creams. I am now envy of last year’s me by having such a nice dinner!

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