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Post Examination School Day

Today is the very first post-examination schoo lday in my Upper Secondary life. What we did today (correct since 10.21am 21/10/04)? Okay, what we did is allowing some crap into our ears for the first 80 minutes of the day only. Coming up is some sort of lecture by Mr Edmund Teo in Lecture Theatre 2 and a survey conducted in Computer Lab 4. That’s all!

Looks like everyone becomes even slackier than before since the examinations ended. The all-day-long enthusiastic Wayne also went some sort of slacky. Me too. Bryan Tee was making some sort of lame noise during the entire Chinese lesson with Chen Shuang giggling all the way.

Mdm Shieh said that those who are exempted from Chinese would have to take the Chinese examination paper today afternoon! Oh no, what I expected from her lessons after the exams are just library trips, when all of us just slack all the way. Luckily she later she decided not to let us do it in school and take it back home to do (without handing them in to her), which means that I do not need to do (who cares to do a paper once she said i is not requried to be submitted?). Hahaz.

The survey we did today is somehow a lame thingy. We were tested on our learning styles (which I do not need to know) by taking a 44 question survey, which takes up a lot of precious time…

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