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G-Mail Rocks!

I was invited to join G-Mail by my friend a few months ago. Of course, the most popular highlight of this mailbox provider is that it provides 1Gb of storage space for its users!

My friend even suggested that we apply lots and lots of G-Mail accounts to obtain an ONLINE HARDDISK! That’s a fact, duh! For every account, you’ll get 6 invitations somehow. Invite yourself with that 6 invitations to create 6 accounts. Then the 6 accounts will yield you 36 invitations. Use that 36 invitations to create another 36 accountes which yield another 216 invitations! Now you’ll eventually get 216Gb of storage space, which is more than enough to store mails!

Everyone was struggling to get G-Mail accounts in the past, as its storage space is really sort of astronomical units (to us only, as we are used to 2Mb storage provided by Hotmail)… Now everyone has one G-Mail accounts and we don’t know how to use our non-stop-auto-refill invitations! That’s really nice.

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