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After The Run…

What happenned after the run? My legs are tired!

I am mentally and physically drained after the mere 4.8km run. I really can’t imagine how adventurers trek to the North and South Pole! I really admire those adventurers who have strong determination and fit bodies. I can now picture how those runners felt i those 50km marathons! That was really devastating!

Instead of taking a bus back to the boarding school, which requires me to walk 500m up a slope to the boarding school maingate and another 200m to block D (which is furthest from the main gate), I took a taxi with another 3 people (so that we can share the taxi fare later…) back to the boarding school.

What I do immediately after I reached my room is to take a cooling bath. That was really refreshing, but I fear the taking cold baths would cause little white spots to appear on my face. Although caring for my face is crucial, but overcoming the intense heat from the interior organs is far ahead for important than this!

My leg is extremely worn out in the run so I soaked them in warm water mixed with Dettol (who knows that any dirty stuuf came in contact with my sweaty legs during the run?). The only word I can say is NICE.

I am really tired that I think it’s time for me to take an afternoon nap! Hahaz.

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