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Thunderstorm Tuesday

The entire day started with a thunderstorm. It rained yesterday midnight (I think so, as I saw lightning) and maybe God was quite angry about my results so he rained more to ground me in my room, instead to putting a sun out there that chases me straight to Junction 8.

Bah, I can’t still overcome my Post-Examination Syndrome. I tried to occupy myself with some stuff but they can’t get me motivated… I felt quite depressed and lonely, which makes me think of the weeks before the exams when I was mugging all over the notes and books. Maybe this is a problem everyone must combat and tackle after their tiring and stressful examinations.

However, what I know is that I can’t remember what I have studied for the past 5 weeks. Maybe I should forget them, or I should get them back? What I am very sure now is that those are all temporary memory stored in our brain. Once they have served their purpose (for example, you wrote all of them down in your examination script), you’ll lose them in your dreams, when you can ‘see’ many messy stuff. This is one of the way how our brain process unwanted information.

The Secondary Ones are now playing Counter Strike while the Secondary Twos are nowhere to be seen. The Secondary Fours are mugging for their oncoming O Levels… but how about the Secondary Threes? Maybe I am the only one who felt like this, but I bet there is someone else have the same feeling as me.

Oh, by the way, my school would be holding a cross-country running at the MacRitchie Reservoir tomorrow. All of us are running for the non-competitive group while the CHOSEN ones will be running for the competitive group. It was really a great torture for the ones who cannot even pass their 2.4km run because we’ll be running 4.8km tomorrow! Funny to say that Kenn Siang (who is FAT) told me that he has confidence to run THAT far. Hahaz. (Oh no, here comes my ha-haz-syndrome again!) *Just kidding*

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