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Checking Paper Day

Today is, obviously, my school’s well-known checking paper day, when students chase after teachers for a few marks to be upgraded to another grade and when teachers start to deduct marks from examination scripts because of disciplinary reasons. The entire school was in chaos since the morning as we people who are labelled as brainless morons are comparing marks and making sarcastic remarks on others’ grades.

The chaotic scene started when it was cheking-ya-physics-paper session. Everyone was too busy checking each others marks, and despite Mrs Loi’s screaming and warning, everyone was still being very noisy. She was quite angry and scolded us a few times, but this does not help to slove the entire chaotic session.

I was quite relieved when I saw that I got a B4 for my Physics Paper… not bad as I expected! Section B saved me from getting a ooopsy-you-failed remarks on the cover page of my examination script!

Next we went to Ortus Room for our Maths Test. Ms Wun had problem hadnling the Secondary Ones and had to seek Chen Shuang and Bing Yuan for help. One went to get the Secondary one Maths Paper answer sheet while the other, known as Lucy (you know who), was busy distributing papers to us while making some sort of ooh-so-good and eek-so-sad remarks upon peeking at the marks on our examination scripts.

I got a B4 for my Maths too, so I am quite pleased (not pissed!) with my results. At least I knew that the effort I paid of did not fail me, duh!

We then went to our own classroom to check our Chemistry Paper. We waited so long but Mr Tan did’nt come and everyone started to become berserk because of their thirst to know the marks they got for Chemistry.

I got a B3 instead of an A1 (which I expected), but never mind, at least I got a B3, not another oopsy-you-failed remark. Haha.

The killer-subject, which is Biology, comes next. Mr Goh kept slamming the teacher’s table which his killer-answer-sheet because we were just too noisy. Everyone was moaning and groaning because the paper was too hard and the marks they got was too low.

I got another B3 for Biology, which I am pleased with!

At 11.30am, after a 90 minutes of recess-cum-calm-down-session, all Secondary Threes flocked to Lecture Theatre 4 to get their English Paper. Again, another chaotic scene was presented before my eyes. It resembles the Day After Tomorrow when the water gushes into the streets of New York and everyone was just at a grab-get-ready-and-run state.

I got a B4 (not again!!!) for English. Luckily I didn’t fail my English, the subject which I fear most!

The results I got today are all okay-okay type which would not trigger a cardiac arrest inside me, so I am ready to go back to the boarding school to celebrate!

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