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Preparation For Possible Cardiac Arrest

Today is Slacky Sunday. I did nothing but just watching Naruto anime and playing The Sims on my laptop. My poor laptop which is to be 1 year by this oncoming November has been switched on for more than 48 hours already. This is because I don’t bother to shut it off since I know that I would touch it again in the next few days.

Tomorrow is the post-examination-paper-checking-cum-cardiac-arrest day. I would be checking LOTS and LOTS of paper tomorrow, which I predict that I would not do well.

I would be checking:
(1) Physics – 7.15am to 8.00am
(2) Mathematics – 8.00am to 8.40am
(3) Chemistry – 8.40am to 9.20am
(4) Biology – 9.20am – 10.00am
(5) English – 11.30am – 12.30pm

Oh no! That’s really horrible. I have no confidence in getting passes for Physics and Mathematics… luckily I am sure that I would not fail my Biology and Chemistry!

I woke up at 1.00pm, which is about 1 hour ago. I slept at 2.00am today, because I can’t stop myself from watching Naruto anime… thanks to Rifeng again, who downloaded countless episodes of Naruto anime from the Internet!

I find that I’m short of clothes to put on… this is because I have not done my laundry yet! I better go grab an empty, unoccupied washing machine ebfore everyone flocks to the laundrette to get their laundry done!

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