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Mugging For Malay Exam

Tomorrow I’ll take my very last exam papers of the year! I will be taking my Malay Exam Paper 1 and 2 by tomorrow…

The Secondary Ones said that they had a hard (maybe great?) time doing the test. Thanks for Cikgu Tan for setting the tests to be so ‘cheem’. I really do hope that tomorrow’s paper would not be so hard that I could not write even a word on it.

After reading through the to-be-tested-materials which Cikgu Tan appointed, I find that little of them require memory work… maybe I was too slack after the Oral Defence that I put down my guard… or maybe it’s that easy? Who knows? For the entire two weeks I have notes and books that are waiting me to mug on, but it seemed that I have none for Malay…

I really do not know what to study… but I really do hope that tomorrow’s test I okay! Thanks to Rifeng, the guy who brought all his The Sims Expansion Packs that are so attractive that I nearly wanted to turn on the computer and play for some hours…

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