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Oral Defence Yahoo!

Today I had my oral defence. Oral defence (OD) is a session where there are two judges (opponents) and the student (respondent). The judges will try to spot flaws in our paper to attack us, while we have to try to convince the judges that our papers are useful and relevant! That’s really quite challenging!

I was not that worried about my oral defence because I think I have prepared it well. Rifeng, my roomate, who came back from the 8.00am session of oral defence said that the judges are not that harsh. He said that Mr Charles Low and Ms Alethea Lim were quite okay.

However, when I reached the waiting room (while respondents are called one by one to the room next door for oral defence), I saw many people preparing their scripts and memorising them really hard. Luckily I prepared my speech too.

It was 11.45am when I was called in for oral defence. My judges are Ms Sunita and Mr Jeffrey Lim. When I covered about only 20% of my speech, they started to ask questions already (That was really horrible, as I thought I’ll speak for 4 minutes and they would blast me for 6 minutes!). I think it was only the second minute I entered the room when the judges started to bombard me with questions.

Luckily the questions thrown to me are not that ‘cheem’ and they did not spot any major flaws in my paper, so I handled the questions quite okay. I left the examination room about 11.55am and that was really a great relief from those pressure!

I wonder whether those who are judged by strict-cum-tricky type of teachers are suffering. Hope that doesn’t happen!

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