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Yeah! The 100th Visitor!

Today is quite a memorable day for my blog. As it had welcomed the 100th visitor to my site! It’s really a great thing, as it tells me that someone else is viewing my blog!

I didn’t have to go to school today as I am exempted from Chinese. So I slept till 12.00pm and woke up late in the afternoon *yawn*.

I went to Junction 8 today afternoon with Xian You. I saw the new released The Day After Tomorrow DVD and really wanted to buy it. The packaging was really cool! At first, deleted scenes and the “making-of…” part in there (which is not included in VCDs!) and secondly, the cover is so damn cool with a 3-D like graphic as the cover! Wow!

Price tags can always change people’s minds. Instead of expecting a S$20.00 DVD for The Day After Tomorrow, it was priced at S$34.90! It’s so expensive! I rather buy some booster packs and get some EX version Pokemon rare cards. Haha.

Evetually, I didn’t waste any money today except for having McDonalds in Junction 8 and the thru-and-flow bus fee. That’s all! The sum of money I spent is about S$7.00 only. That’s really nice!

I am having my oral defence tomorrow and hope that my judges don’t bombard me with cheem questions, which would anytime tirgger the long-hidden cheemophobia in me! Better not!

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