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Mugging For Oral Defense

Busy mugging for oral defence! This is the only phrase that can describe what I am doing.

I am quite worried about tomorrow’s oral defence. I worried that the judges (opponents) would blast me with a load of ‘cheem’ questions that would instantly trigger my ‘cheemophobia’! Oh no!

Wayne is busy preparing his script. He told me that his judges are Ms Esther Cheong and Ms Alethea Lim. Poor thing! Luckily my judges are Mr Jeffrey Lim and Ms Sunita. Haha!

Rifeng was busy playing computer games for the whole evening. Of course he do not need to prepare as he can still get an A1 by getting a ‘0’ for his oral defence! I am lazy to calculate how much I need to get an A1, but I know that I need quite a lot…

Xian Yong was mourning over his long-ago-confiscated laptop. But I’m sure that Ms Nancy tay would return him when the exams are all over! Poor thing! *Just bear a little while!*

Yi Hang was slacking all day long because he is exempted from Chinese. Poor Loo Ting and Kenn Siang have to study for Chinese… so sad!

I am having my Malay exams on Friday so I can relax for quite some time before activating my brain to absorb temporary information… Haha.

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