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Yahoo For Biology

Today I am having my last information-spamming and memory-consuming subject – Biology! Of course, I started off with a trembling heart, as I am really worried that I might flung the test.

You know, Mr Goh is quite a sadist type, so we expected soke very cheem paper. This is why my class got a new type of phobia – cheemophobia. He once told us that the Biology paper would be very cheem and 20% of it is deemed un-do-able (not undo(go back)-able, is un(cannot)-do-able)… of course I had quite a scary night yesterday, for stuffing my saturated brain with all Biology stuff.

Today’s Biology exam is quite peaceful… nobody was late for the paper, not much error on the paper and so on. The only thing happenned is that a little miserable bee kept bugging Wayne. I was really quite scraed of bees, as I am just sitting next to him and feared that the bee might just sting me and flee. Wayne put his head on the table and used his hands to protect his head… looks like a scene in SPEED when the driver drove the bus over a disconnected hgihway intersection and all passengers were in THAT position. Haha.

Some people find it hard but I think it’s okay and up-to-standard. I am now left with oral defence and Malay exams (who cares about it?). Haha.

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