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Great Relief!

After I had my lunch, I really enjoyed the relief after the exams. I can still remember how hard I studied for the past week for my oncoming exams… now everything has gone past now and it’s time to PLAN FOR MY HOLIDAYS!

Merely thinking about holidays amke me very energetic for the entire day, so I always uses it as a motivation to do well in my exams! I always tell myself, “A little more to go and you’re free for this year!!!” And that really works!

What I have learned from the exams:
(1) Not to burn midnight oil
(2) Sleep early, wake up earlier in the morning
(3) Pay attention in class
(4) Do not skip pre-examination remedials
(5) Ask your teacher what you don’t know
(6) Work hard, but don’t overstress yourself
(7) Try your best
(8) Don’t compare answers with your friends when the paper is over
(9) Relax
(10) Do everything above

Isn’t it good to treat exams as an ordinary test? By treating is as usual, you can save energy from stressing up yourself (this is because when you stress up, your pancreas releases insulin that converts most of the glycogen in your liver to glucose in blood, which makes you very hungry and thirsty afterwards!). And by saving lots of energy up, you can have more energy to study and revise? Isn’t it great?

Now my suffering period is over and it’s time for the lower secondary to suffer (cunning smile on face is detected). Haha.

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