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Biology Woes

Today I didn’t do anything much, as I stayed in the boarding school for the whole day studying for my oncoming Biology exams.

I woke up at 9.00am in the morning, and abviously I missed by breakfast. Xian You asked wme whether I want to go to Junction 8 for some shopping, but I rejected because I knew that I have lots to study for Biology exams.

I really hesitated, as I am really bored in my room. But I kept reminding myself that I have Biology notes to study and memorise. So evetually I didn’t go! I really wonder why Xian You doesn’t need to study for his exams… as I doesn’t see him study a lot, duh!

I slept from 11.30am to 2.00pm, as my mind is too saturated with information that I have to take some nap to dispose some of the lame and un-reusable information (for example, the lame words that Kenn Siang always span my ears). Obviosly I missed my lunch, duh!

I then continued to study and study and study until it is 5.30pm and I read some lame stories and went to sleep again. Again and again, I missed my dinner.

It was 8.30 when my stomach starts to protest me about starving him. Okay, I am informed about this but where do I get some food? The sundry shop in the boarding school only sells some taste-bud-paralysing food, so I decided to go for supper at Sixth Avenue, with Yu Hang as my company. I had a big plate of Char Kuay Teow and finishing up the food fast.

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