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Easy English!

Today’s English Paper 2 is really quite, you see, easy! Maybe it’s because of lady luck, but I believe that due to very harsh papers before this (e.g. Physics), the school decided to set an easier paper for us (my humble prediction)…

The test lasted for 1 hour and 40 minutes… many people like Jiayi and Gao Chong are slacking. Maybe because they’ve finished their papers, but I am still struggling with my summary. Luckily I wrote quite fast, or else I might be dead!

The Lower Secondary are starting their exams today, so I really wish them good luck! At that age, as a scholar who is quite new to ‘cheem’ English standards, I was struggling with my poor English standards too.

Today, our invigilator is Mdm Ong… her high pitched sound really woke everyone else from further exploring their dream…

“Check your name, class and index number,” she ordered.

I did so, and was relieved after she collected my paper. I’m left with Biology Paper and Malay Paper… two more to go!

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