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Physics Nopee!

Today I had my Physics exam. The questions are quite tricky, so I spent quite a lot of time struggling over some very very difficult questions. So I had 2 question I didn’t complete, which worth about 4 marks! Oh no!

I planned to wake up at 5.00am today, but evetually I went back to bed to snore after brushing my yellow teeth (yucks!). Due to the accumulated stress I had over the half of the week, I really can’t resist the sensation of sleeping in a soft, cuddly bed with comforting pillows and warming blankets. Haha.

So I eventually woke up at 6.30pm, despite of the sleepiness, I started to revise the very last bit of Physics. That’s really driving me crazy as your brain keep dumping what you learnt yesterday night when absorbing new stuuf in the next morning… I can see some Physics stuff whizzing away from my brain… oh no!

The test is over now and let’s hope for the best. The next-big-thing? Biology revision!!!

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