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Chemistry Whopee!

Today I went for my Chemistry exams. Benjamin didn’t come today, and I’m not very sure what happened to him… what I know is that Benjamin was complaining about the stress he is juggling now, and he is always struck by sudden head aches and muscle aches. What Jack said that Benjamin was sick.

I kept thinking about my Teddy Marimo during the test. Looks like the little green cuties gave me some courage to move on..

The Chemistry paper today is quite easy, to some extent. The molecular structures stuff are quite okay, and there’s one question about the preparation of salts is very tricky, indeed. The question asked us to list out the step in making lead (II) sulphate from lead (II) oxide. Obviously, we’re going to use precipitation.

However, please look carefully again. Lead (II) oxide is insoluble! The only way to make that stubborn compoud to react with dilute sulphuric acid is to mix it with dilute nitric acid:

2HNO3 + PbO -> 2PbNO3 + H2O

Haha… luckily Mr Tan reminded us to pay attention to this sort of tricky question as they might come out. Now now now, Mr Tan is the setter, obviously! (P.S. Mr Tan insisted that he is not the setter of the chemistry exam paper, but we saw him running around classes to correct errors on the paper!)

By the way, before the exams started, Dachuan was nearly scolded by Mr Gan because of talking to Tristan. Dachuan said that he did not use an OMR Form before (he’s from China, first year in Singapore), I can deduce that everyone was about to burst into laughers by judging their funny faces. Haha.

I am not sure for some answers in the paper but… who cares? It’s all over. The next-big-thing-thing I am going to handle is tomorrow’s Physics exams!

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