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Exam Starts Today!

Exam starts today, but it is so “unlucky” that I godt exempted from Chinese today, so my exam doesn’t really starts today (logically).

I woke up at 8.00am in the morning and found that my room is empty (as they didn’t get exempted from Chinese!). It is a long time ago that I can enjoy a solo-room of my own. It’s my world now!

Che Hsien came into my room to revise tomorrow’s Maths and Wednesday’s Chemistry. Now I think I don’t slack anymore and start working by now.

10.00 am my friends came back from school. They said that the Chinese paper wasn’t that difficult as they imagined (shit!). Never mind, as long as I am exempted from something and not from exemption (exempted from exemption means that you’ll have to take all subjects’ exam papers!!!). Haha.

In the afternoon the boarding school did not prepare luch for borders because it is a weekday. So I went to the Poolside Restaurant to have some lunch.

I slipped in the dining hall when I was collecting my dinner, and I got my whole pants wet. Oh no! Due to overhwelming hungry sensation in the stomach, I had to eat, duh!

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