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I came across a little green thingy, called Marimo, which grows in the lake bed in somewhere in Japan. It is known to bring luck and prosperity to the person who bought it.

I hesitated before buying it. What can a miserable little green ball affect my life? But eventually I bought it, because of it’s cute-looking apperance. It costs S$15, but I think the price is quite okay.

Marimo lives in water, and absorbs dissolved carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. It grows best in a cooler medium which enhances its beauty and shape. Wow.

I changed the water so to provide adequate carbon dioxide for itn to breathe. If you do not want to see the green thingy die due to starvation of carbon dioxide, please change the water for every 3 to 5 days.

It grows at a rate of 5mm ANUALLY, so it would take some years to see a difference in size, but it requires our care and attention so that it doesn’t die. Marimos turn yellow when it is about to go to another dimension of the world, so a little salt might revive the green thingy. I can’t imagine the happiness of mine when it grows very big when I’m in my twilight years. Haha.

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