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Freaky Friday

Today is really a FREAKY Friday!

Firstly today is Children’s Day! Although we are already classified as “young gentlemen”, Ms Wun still insisted to distribute freaking-gummies and freaking-yummies whilte Mrs Loi insisted to give us some sort of freaking-rice-crakers. Hoho.

Secondly is Mr Tan’s freaky-rush-hour Chemistry lesson. We have not completed the chapter about freaky “Mole Concept”, so he is rushing throught the lines so that to complete the entire freaking topic in time. Phew, keeping with with the never-before freaking-speed is surely tiring!

Thridly, Mr Goh claimed that teachers have still the right to DE-exempt students from subjects. He said that the ones who received the “cursed” letter by today afternoon will be the freaking unlucky one. Hope that I am not De-exempted from Chinese!

Fourthly, I went to Ms Cheong’s table to get my MRP. I got a freaking-low mark – a C5! Mamamia~ !

What a FREAKING Friday! Haha.

By the way, Jiayi and Ruiyang removed their blogs already. No more horrible comment s anymore! Cheers.

I am staying quite late in the library because Mr Goh is doing Library Duty tonight. I can revise my Biology by the way, and can consult him if I have any problems!

Exams is very near now and the only thing I can do is READ and STUDY. Ironically I hope that I can have enogh time to study but also hoping that the time would pass quickly so that I woudl not suffer that much from Pre-Test Syndrome!

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