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October 2004

Park With Your Brain

I went to One Utama Shopping Mall with my parents today and I found out that not many people park with their brain. I knew that the Singapore Government was busy advertising their drive-safe-and-do-not-go-bang campaign 400km away from me now. I know that the Malaysian Government are also asking people to drive with good manners […]

Super Long Bus Journey

Imagine that: (1) You’re stranded in a lift during a blackout, (2) You’re grounded by your form teacher for using the TEACHER’s restroom without any valid authentication, (3) You’re locked in the closet by your mother for using her mack-ups on your pet dog, (4) You’re kidnapped by a stupid kidnapper who hides you in […]

Omigosh! My MSG!

Today I got my report slip back. Yerterday night I was worried that I would get lousy MSG, and I really do hope that my MSG won’t go beyond 1.93, as my class average MSG is 1.93. I have not get any MSG with ‘1’ at the start in my entire school life in Chinese […]

The Adventurous 15km Trekking

Today is the last day of the Ortus Secondary Three End-Of-Year Activities, but also the most tiring day of the four-days-spanning End-Of-Year Activities. Our Ortus teachers organised a 15 km trekking from the foot of Bukit Timah Hill to Mandai Zoo. Although a 15km journey is short for a car, but it is surely a […]

It’s Ortus Carnival!

It’s Ortus Carnival today and I had woke up very early today because I can’t hold back the excitement in myself towards the very special event. Besides of nurturing entrepeneurship qualities in Ortusians, the carnival also aims to donate the profit from the carnial as charity! However, I wonder whether where the money would go… […]

Preparing For Ortus Carnival #2 – Busy

Well, well. After the tiring shopping at Woodlands yesterday, I am now preparing for tomorrow’s Ortus Carnival. Anyway, let’s talk about the two stalls my class is setting up. One is a food stall and the other one is the game stall. We are selling ice balls (that’s Tristan’s idea) and also providing a game, […]

Preparing For Ortus Carnival #1 – Soaked

Yan Ming, Wu Xi and I are planning to go to the Fair Price supermarket near Wu Xi’s hourse to get some food for the oncoming Ortus Carnival. Yan Ming and I met up with Wu Xi at the street soccer court, and when our journey begins, my misery also starts! When we are about […]

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