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Maths Mania

Today I had a super Maths lesson with super enthusiastic Ms Wun and super interested students. Haha.

What we did today is we went through most of the Mathematics Examination topics:
(1) Quadratic Equation
(2) Inequalities
(3) Trigonometry
(4) Completing The Square
(5) Logarithms
(6) Exponential Forms
(7) Surds
(8) Algebraic Fraction
(9) Subject Chanigng
(10) Functions

Wow, that’s quite a lot!

Luckily I have done extensive reading and practising on the topics to ensure that I do not fail my Maths Exams. Hope so! Everyone was so enthusiastic about Maths today afternoon. Everyone was discussing among ourselves and also crapping about some non-Maths stuff. Hoho.

By the way, something terrible happenned today on three of my friends! As they posted racist, anti-government, anti-Malaysians, anti-subhumans (that’s what Hitler called the Jews) comments and the Ministry of Education was alerted about their blogs. They were asked to remove their blog immediately and maybe some disciplinary actions would be imposed onto them. I want to advice bloggers not to post these type of comments online, as it is very dangerous as Internet allows free flow of information! Be careful with your words…

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