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Chemistry Woes

The major event today is nothing more about Chemistry Class in the afternoon. Mr Vincent Tan briefed us about the topics to be tested and also some very important stuff.

Topics to be tested in the Chemistry Exams:
(1) Covalent Bonding
(2) Ionic Bonding
(3) Metallic Bonding
(4) Hydrogen Bonding
(5) Preparationg of Salts
(6) Intermolecular Forces
(7) Intramolecular Forces
(8) Qualitative Analysis (Cations & Anions)

That’s quite a lot!

Confused at first about Chemistry, but in the end got some understanding about this memory-usage-intensive subject. Hope my small-capacity-brain doesn’t mind if I spam it with quite a lot of chemical formulae and some very very messy (and confusing) salt preparation methods. Anyway, Chemistry test will be on next Wednesday (6th of October) and I can discard all Chemistry-related infromation from my nearly-bursting brain.

Never mind, I’ll try to self-medicate myself who is now experiencing Pre-Test Syndrome, and try my best to memorise as much as I can for the Chemistry Test.

By the way, I think I can’t do well in my Biology Exams. Not because of my lousy standard of Biology (which can be helped with extreme-drilling on Biology and mass-reading of notes), but because Mr Goh is setting the paper (which CANNOT be helped, duh!). Mamamia!

Luckily I am exempted from Chinese, so that I would not need to memorise those BORING sentences and BORING vocabs. Hoho.

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