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I Hate PE Lessons!

“I hate PE lessons!”

That’s what I can say about PE lessons this term, especially today.

What lame stuff we did today?


More than running?

“Physical training.”



What we actually did is running around the road in front of the school for 3 rounds. Instead of running around the track for 3 rounds NON-STOP, the P.E. teachers asked us to do 20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups for completion of every round. This means that the momentum we built up along the way will be reduced to ZERO as we decelerate to ZERO. Sitting down immediately after running for long distance is not good for the heart (I think heart experts know that this is a fact!), and for some slightly obese ones, stopping every round might trigger a CARDIAC ARREST! (Dear Jun Kai, if today you really experienced a CARDIAC ARREST, too bad.)

I really want to sneeze everytime I attend PE lessons because I am allergic to some crappy stuff. Haha.

If this blog accidentally offended anybody,


Teddy-O-Ted, I hate PE!

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