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Pre-test Syndrome (PTS)

Pre-test Syndrom starts to spread around all students in the school. Instead of what you expected to be a making-people-super-hardworking syndrome, this thingy has adverse effects on us – it makes us to be skaler, even more!

Everybody start to sleep early now days and not putting so much time in revision worksheets. I did some for Maths, but did not do much for my sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Quite worry about this, but poor me can’t do anything about it.

Many of us slacked during Ms Wun’s Maths lesson. Samule and Gao Dick keep pulling each others pants for no obvious reason (Ms Wun called it Tear-The-Underwear game), Koon Yu and Edward crapping around. I was also harrassing Jonathan Kees, but Ms Wun didn’t see it. By the way, I am just helping Jun Kai to take revenge on Jonathan Kees. Looks like he suffered quite a lot from me today. Hoho.

I’ll try my best to work hard in the exams. Must get A1 for Maths and Malay and Biology! Who says people who are not exempted from X subjects cannot get X A1s? Huh? (I hope this would address Jun kai’s sacarstic question.)

The word “try” let me think of something else happenned today. My school is not rated as one of the very top schools in Singapore anymore, because we are in IP, which are to be graded in another catagory. However, my school is not fully integrated yet, so like poor Victor in the Terminal, my school is in the CRACK of the media-spamming news. Of course, negative reports keep coming out from the crappy media, but I have nothing to do about reasoning this out with the Singaporean’s Mediacorp. By the way, for your information, Mediacorp just merged with Singapore Press Holdings.

No wonder why Mr Hon had an emergency meeting today morning just after the falg-raising ceremony. The aim of the meeting? To convince (or CONFUSE?) students to talk good stuff of the IP and try not to let them grab their attention on those crappy media reports.

Anyway, now I realise how horrible can a media be. Hoho.

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