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Today is really an emotion roller coaster for me!

The school day started with the distribution of Exemption Letters, which are printed to inform students with one or more subject(s) exempted. The exemption system started in 2000 or so, to allow students with good grades (A1) for not sitting the subject exam(s) which they did very well.

Mr Goh started distributing those letter according to our index numbers. When he passed a letter to Bryan, I was so excited that I would be the next. I think that I would be exempted from Chinese because my results were one of the best in the class.

God knows that he didn’t have my letter and hence continuing distributing. I felt very depressed, as I knew form heart that I did’nt get any exemption from any subject, even for Chinese. As you know, I was exempted from Chinese for past 2 years!

Impossible… I got 77 for both Term 1 and 3, and for Term 2, I got 71. Average continous assignment marks is 76. My Chinese ACE is 26 upon 30. So my temporary accumulative marks is [(76/100*30) + (26)]/[60] = 81! I wonder why I did not get exempted for such a high grade…

So during recess I went to the Head of Chinese Department to check. Then they referred me to the groud floor office to check with my marks. To my astonishment, I got only 50 for my Term 2! I had to vertify my marks with my Chinese teahcer and then approach the office clerk again. She changed my results and, oh, she told me that…

(a) “After referring to your final mark, you are still not qualified to be exempted. Sorry.”
(b) “Erm, I’m not very sure if you can be exempted. Let’s keep to the original marks.”
(c) “Congratulations, you’re exempted from Chinese!”
(d) None of the above.

Before telling you the answer, there are a few questions to be considered below:
(1) It was too late for me to resumbit my marks. Marks should be have submitted by last Friday. Exemption?
(2) I got a final mark of 81. Possible?
(3) My Chinese teacher might not allow me to be exempted. Oh no!
(4) My grade was still not the top 45 in the level. So, no exemption. Oopsy!

And the answer is (c). I got exempted! Yahoo!

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