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Yikes! Horrible Biology Lesson!

Thanks to me for opting for Biology last year. Not because I dislike Mr Goh (really not!), but because of today’s practical.

I have always a feeling that Biology is about animals and plants and those other living stuff WITHOUT any *yucky* contents. Today’s practical nearly changed my opinion about Biology, but anyway, I still like it!

What happened in Biology Lab today is that my class are having a PIG HEART DISSECTION. Each bench, which are seated with 4 students, are to “play with” a pig heart, bought at S$1.50 at Fair Price. We are asked to put our fingers into the aorta and the pulmonary vein to feel the inside of the left ventricle and into the venae cavae and the pulmonary artery to feel the inside of the right ventricle. Of course, we are asked to put on gloves.

The feeling was really very, very awkward. I can feel the semilunar valves, which makes you hand itching and the inside of the ventricles are some sort of watery, as we just pumped tap water into it to clean the whole stuff up.

Gao Chong and Samuel started to squeeze the heart, attempting to force some oozy liquid out of it, but what eventually came out were blood blots and some fiber debris, and also, some diluted PIG blood. Jason started to cut the heart, as we are instructed to examine the interior of the heart. I really can’t imagine how a lively, pumping heart was turned into a bluish-red smelly thing.

We used to scapel, but it seemed that the muscles are too hard. As I always see my neighbour, a butcher, performing his tricks on cutting meats, I got a knife in hand and started to cut it apart. The ventricles are not as big as I thought, and quite reddish, duh. Traced out the coronary artery, and found that it was really SMALL. Now I knew why people get heart attack so easily – because of the miserable LITTLE coronary artery blocked with FATS.

I nearly went berserk because of the ozzy liquid and the bloody-red interior walls of the heart. Yeah, and grossy blood clots. Ew!

By the way, Mr Goh sat beside me during the assembly. Horrible, duh! Mr Yap briefed us about entrepeneurship, amd showed us some offensive pictures, for example, a little baby pointing the middle finger… hahaz.

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