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Peeps Got Suspended From School!

Today something serious happenned! Guess what?

Shao Shien, Perry, Wu Xi, Samuel and Ming Kai got suspended from school until the exams! I was really shocked and stunned after I knew about it. The whole problem started when these people. who are supposed to appear at Mr Paul Ho’s IH2 lesson, were nowhere to be seen. So they got suspended from school for escaping from lessons! The worse thing is, Samuel went home at 12.00 pm and he even doesn’t know about the news! (Our IH1 and IH2 lessons starts at 12.10pm and 12.50pm, and ends at 12.50pm and 1.30pm respectively!) Samuel did not went for both!

A really horrible day… these few days the rain doesn’t even stop, and I had a strong feeling about something bad gonna happen… and it really happenned! Oh no!

The bad news continues… the school is staring to check on past week attendence list! Can something be more horrible than this event in this year?

Perhaps, NO!

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