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Super Saturday

Today is my super Saturday!

I went to Junction 8 for shopping today with Mo Xiang and Xian You… I bought a Disney Album at Sembawang CD Shop… wow! We even went to the Newton Seafood Centre for dinner… and the food there was just simply GREAT! We had grilled stingray adn some vegetables… although simple, nice! Price? S$6.00 for each person! Great bargain duh!

Went to the movies with buddies. We actually planned to watch Anaconda, but the stupid cinema screened the stupid movie at such stupid time (midnight) and only one show a day! Pretty stupid and brainless.

So, we watched The Terminal, played by super actor Tom Hanks. The movie is mainly about a Kroakasian (fake country, duh!) who went for America to complete his father’s will to get a Jazz star’s signature. He was stuck at the terminal, as his passport cannot be used and America’s gates are closed for Kroakasians as a revolution broke out there!

Poor Victor (played by Tom Hanks) had to stay and make a living right in the terminal. He started with help[ing people to push the troleys back to the counter, in which each troley earn him 25 cents. Then the immigration officer doesn’t like him doing that, so Victor was forced to works there as a contruction worker. He lived in Gate 67, and even saved a man from claiming that his medicine is for a goat! (This is because America does not allow people with HUMAN medicine to enter her territory!)

He met an Indian cleaner, who ran to America because he stabbed a police in his chest. He made some friends there, and even a girlfriend (a stewardess!). He helped her to go through hard times, and finally he got an emergency visa to go to New York!

Of course, he got the Jazz star’s signature and went home… I loved the storyline! Unique and not old fashioned!

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