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Ortus Night + Army Open House = TIRED

Today is the worst combination of events I have ever experienced in my entire life in Secondary School!

We went to the Army Open House in an isolated army camp somewhere in Jurong… I nearly fell asleep in the journey and luckily I had Liaw Wei Xiang to cask some nasty okes along the journey to keep me awake…

The Army Open House was relaly boring. Although the activites sounds great, the long queue in front of them really depressed me… Benjamin went to the air-conditioned library to have a nice afternoon nap, but I did not want to give up a chance to take a look around the camp. Wow, so boring.

Went back to school with a lousy bus on a puctured seat. Yucks. I rushed back to the Boarding School for a bath and to put my clean clothes on. Went for Ortus Night, and found out that the dinner table was almost empty.

Attended Ortus Night with an empty stomach isn’t a good thing. Adding on with Mr Goh and Ms Cheong singing on stage nearly drove me to the toilet to puke. Phew!

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