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September 2004

Maths Mania

Today I had a super Maths lesson with super enthusiastic Ms Wun and super interested students. Haha. What we did today is we went through most of the Mathematics Examination topics: (1) Quadratic Equation (2) Inequalities (3) Trigonometry (4) Completing The Square (5) Logarithms (6) Exponential Forms (7) Surds (8) Algebraic Fraction (9) Subject Chanigng […]

Chemistry Woes

The major event today is nothing more about Chemistry Class in the afternoon. Mr Vincent Tan briefed us about the topics to be tested and also some very important stuff. Topics to be tested in the Chemistry Exams: (1) Covalent Bonding (2) Ionic Bonding (3) Metallic Bonding (4) Hydrogen Bonding (5) Preparationg of Salts (6) […]

I Hate PE Lessons!

“I hate PE lessons!” That’s what I can say about PE lessons this term, especially today. What lame stuff we did today? “Running.” More than running? “Physical training.” Anymore? “No.” What we actually did is running around the road in front of the school for 3 rounds. Instead of running around the track for 3 […]

Pre-test Syndrome (PTS)

Pre-test Syndrom starts to spread around all students in the school. Instead of what you expected to be a making-people-super-hardworking syndrome, this thingy has adverse effects on us – it makes us to be skaler, even more! Everybody start to sleep early now days and not putting so much time in revision worksheets. I did […]

Family Saturday

Today is a happy day for me. My parents are coming down to Singapore to pay a visit! We went to Junction 8 for the entire afternoon. Did nothing much, but at least I can enjoy myself with the family warmth! Mum said that her hand has recovered… that’s a good news to me! By […]

Water Mania

Water is deemed to be very precious to the Singapore government nowdays, since the Malaysia issued a threat for not supplying anymore water to Singapore. Eventually, in my school, students seemed to be wasting water. Case 1: Student A was so “sien” that he kept flushing the toilet non-stop until Gopal (school cleaner) came in. […]


Today is really an emotion roller coaster for me! The school day started with the distribution of Exemption Letters, which are printed to inform students with one or more subject(s) exempted. The exemption system started in 2000 or so, to allow students with good grades (A1) for not sitting the subject exam(s) which they did […]

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