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August 2004

Common Tests Just Ahead

Oh no! I’ll have my Chemistry and Mathematics Common Tests by Tuesday, and the stupid thing is, for the whole span of 5 school-days, there are two tests which are PACKED together in ONE day! This is really…. (speechless) Mugging for Maths today, because I’ll have my Chemsitry remedial with Mr Tan on Monday, so […]

PESA Competition

Today is a very meaning full day for me, Tristan and other people of our class. This is the very very first time a Chinese High School student made it into the Finals of the Plain English Speaking Competition (PESA) Competition! I reached YMCA at 12.20 pm and found only Boing Yuan / Lucy / […]

Almost Dead

I am almost dead! Firstly, I am forced to sing on the stage with my friends, WEX (Low Wei Xiang) and Jack during the Sec 3 Assembly today… a theme song from the oldies cartoons – Lion King’s Can You Feel The Love Tonight… It was really a *Phew*! My high-pitched voice nearly made the […]

Shopping Day

Today is a shopping-cum-family day, so I followed my mum to Midvaleey Megamall in Kuala Lumpur… Luckily we reached there early, so that we can aviod the lunchtime crowd for Teppanyaki! (Of course, not to mention, my mom did a very plasure shopping for her cosmetics!) Went to Sushi King for snack at 3pm… really […]

National Day Holiday

I reached home at 4am today morning, as I followed my aunt back to Malaysia for a short break. Thank you Singpore for giving such a long holiday! *Phew, at least I can temporarily escape from overwhelming stress… Bah, what I did for the whole morning and afternoon is a presentation on Paradox for Maths […]

Hwa Chong Sabbaticals

Bah… this term’s Hwa Chong Sabbaticals are so unappealing and many kiasu people like Jun Kai and morons like Jonathan Kee (by the way, we blasted Jonathan Kee by requesting the change of date of the Physic Term Test – coz term test are fixed, duh!) and Robert Gao made it worse! Oh my… (speechless!) […]

Ms Wun & Her Maths

Today is a very horrible day… because the timetable is almost filled up! We have Maths on the last two periods, which starts at 2.00pm and ends at 3.20 pm. Then the Maths Representative – Bing Yuan (Nickname: Boing Yuan [coz he’s fat, duh!]; Lucy [I gave it to him today!] and I-Pad [coz our […]

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