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Today Is Teacher’s Day

Today is the day when all students are longing for… as today is the day when we can bless our teachers and praise them for doing their very part in the past 365 days…

“Thank you, teacher! Thanks for your guidance that helped me very much in my studies!”

“Thanks for giving the the courage to set another milestone in my learning journey! Thank you very much!”

“The Earth has made a successful orbit around the sun since last year’s Teacher’s Day… and today is TEACHER’S DAY!!!”

“All the students of different part of the world are celebrating this psecial day!!!”

“Dear teacher you’re magical! You have class, patience, and many other good qualities which I can learn from!”

… these are all the words I wrote on these magical and meaningful cards…

Of course, I did not forget to add a very last line to the cards…


I was very busy distributing the cars and gifts in then administration office… on the other hand, I also get the entire class to write their words they want to tell our wonderful teachers on a card!
In the staff room, I saw many teahcers clustering around a board, pinned with lots and lots of hear-shaped cards, where greetings and messages to teachers from students are written on them… such a brilliant idea!

The Teacher’s Day Celebration ended at 10am, and I rushed to Coronation Plaza to collect flowers for teahcers which I had ordered yesterday afternoon… the teachers are indeed, very happy to see me giving them flowers! (although the lady used PINK colour roses… as PINK colour ones are for my valentine! Haha…)

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