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Making Optic Fibres

Making optic fibers is not an easy stuff. Optic fibers must be precise in connections between the fibers and the ST connector to minimize attenuation and dispersion, which lead to loss of information.

We made phones and microphones on the first few days and making optic fibers are the great leap in our learning progress.

Today, I even tried out the optic fibers I made the day before, so that to ensure they have less dispersion and less attenuation. Thanks to the idotic Kern Cheh that he screw up one optic fiber. He bent the optic fiber so much that it developed cracks in it and also the exposed surface… although I tried my hard to polish it, the core is still crakced and HOPELESS…

I have my lesson ended at 11.30am today morning, so I have ample time to work on my new website. Haha :-D

Went to swimming today, but the heavy downpour stopped me, Loo Ting and Mo Xiang to have our great time in the clear waters. So we rushed to Corronation Plaza WITHOUT an umbrella, so, very obviously, we got drenched.

Feeling very cold when eating lemon chicken rice, but felt better after going to the restroom (coz it’s warmer there, duh!)

When we return to the school gate the rain stopped, and having the swimming pool reopened. So we dunked into the pool and enjoyed a nice swim from 5.00pm to 6.30pm. Thanks to the weather!

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