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The Verdict

*Names of people involved in this post are changed to protect their identity.

Today is the very key day of my life – it’ll tell me what is my stand in friend-to-friend relationship and my maturity towards solving problems.

Tool* and I found a debirs which is the head of his thumb drive, which was went missing for the past week. At last, we sighed, as we had found the key evidence to prove that Nais* and Hu* guilty. Ka* was very nervous, but I managed to keep him cool and calm.

The entire story originates from a conflict between roommates – Nais and Hu against Ka and Tool. Since then, it seemed that Nais and Hu made several attempts to take revenge. Ka recalled that he saw Hu and Nais destroying Tool‘s thumb drive, and they even used the screwdirver to split that thing apart and threw them out at different direction of their room.

It was a hard time for me, Tool and Ka carpet-searching the bushes and grass plains near their room. At last, we found the evidence – the thumb drive header.

It was then nighttime when Mr Kwek went to their room and started to question them like prisoners. Outside the room, where I was enjoying the night-time breeze, I actually overheard part of the conversation. Nais even accused Ka for making up the story (which is actually the truth), and said that Ka was the main suspect. Luckily Ka, although just a mere Primary 6 student, defended for himself and proved himself innocent.

The case was finally settled and Nais admitted that he was guilty. Hu had no stand – he made no statement throguhout the entire conversation.

I was glad that Tool and Ka proved themselves that they were at the right side.

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