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Sabbaticals Started

Today is the first day for me to participate in the Hwa Chong Sabbaticals for the second time in the year. Well, I choose the one about “Free Space Communication & Fiber Optics”… and wow, it was really interesting after I have attended the first lesson!

We tried out about using LED Light to send signals from a station to another via Fiber Optics Cabels… that was fun! I also tried to convert AM (amplitude modulation) to FM (frequency modulation), and the entire process is very interesting!

*Hehe, but don’t forget, this 1-week course costs me a wholly S$95.00!

Our lecturer is Dr Lim from dunno-what-university, and he always make the same mistakes as Mr Goh… for example, “Light rays travel in a straigh LINES (shoud be line, duh!)” and “BINALEE (Binary) signals consist of only GEELO (zero) and one…” haha!

By the way, I was very sad that Singapore’s Table Tennis Player, Lee Jia Wei lost her match to get a bronze… everyone is in great disappointment. Never mind, hope that she can try her best in the next Olympic Games in Bei Jing 2008! Good luck!

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