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Teacher’s Day Is Coming!

Today is another post-common-tests day, so except of Ms Wun to distribute some SUMMARY (although is a summary, that’s lots of questions in it… I wonder is it a SUMMARY or not…) worksheets for us to tackle on, there’s no more worksheet-distributing lessons…

Teachers’ Day is coming, so the school had all the students to write their individual words to the teachers in a heart shaped card, and these cards are pasted onto two notice boards outside the staff room… That’s nice, as teachers can glance through them when they’re going to the restroom or going to lessons…

However, I am always grateful to my teachers, so I decided to give them something special this year… especially Mr Goh and Ms Koe who helped me a lot when I just came back from 2 weeks of M.C. “Thank you very much!!!” – the message I want to send to them…

Oh, good news to tell you… I’ve currently secured two A1s in my results – one in Chemistry and the other one in Maths (which I didn’t expect for both to get A1s!). And I am surprised that I am awarded tow be the second best writer of Chinese Essay int he school today… Haha!

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