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Finally! It’s Over!!!

Yes, the row of frustrating common tests have become history for me! After a couple of hard days (as I missed school for 2 whole weeks…) and many sleepless nights mugging for tests, its finally over!

Today is a joyful day. After the very, very last common test, the Chemistry Common test (which went exceptionally easy) was over, everybody cheered all the way to the canteen to celebrate! Eevryone is so excited about the tests, as expected syllabus and “cheem” stuff are not tested! So nice!

Luckily I did some Maths revision so I am quite able to handle and tackle the “cheem” Binomail Theorem questions… by the way, a few Logarithms questions nearly trobled me, but after intensive thinking and recalling, I am able to finish them up… haha :-D

Nice day in school and I am expecting a bye-bye-common-tests party in the end of the day!

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