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Common Tests Just Ahead

Oh no! I’ll have my Chemistry and Mathematics Common Tests by Tuesday, and the stupid thing is, for the whole span of 5 school-days, there are two tests which are PACKED together in ONE day! This is really…. (speechless)

Mugging for Maths today, because I’ll have my Chemsitry remedial with Mr Tan on Monday, so the subject I should focus on is Maths, duh!

As my eyes read through the examples of Logarithms, Exponential Forms and Binomial Theorem, I am so tired and “xian” that I nearly feel asleep… not much choice, but to ace in tests, I’ll have to do this!

I remember I failed my Possibilities, Permutations and Combinations tests last term, so I tell myself that I cannot afford to fail anymore!

The good thing about Maths is the there are only a few equations to remember for Logarithms and Binomial Theorem, unlike Possibilities, Permutations and Combinations which requires logical thinking skills!

Chemistry… I am not very sure about dipole moment, polar, molar and some other stuffs… things to read is Covalent Bonding, Ionic Bonding, the first 20 elements and etc… I’m quite okay with that…

Cannot say much anymore… need to study, or not…


So, have to “piah” loh… no choice leh.

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