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PESA Competition

Today is a very meaning full day for me, Tristan and other people of our class. This is the very very first time a Chinese High School student made it into the Finals of the Plain English Speaking Competition (PESA) Competition!

I reached YMCA at 12.20 pm and found only Boing Yuan / Lucy / I-Pad and Bryan Tee in the McDonalds… no one else of my class is there yet!

Competiton started, and I found out that the speakers are damn good, worried about Tristan… however, he did very well for his impromptu competition!

Kala came late and so the others of my class…

After the competition for the Secondary Schools have completed, I took my leave with Koon Yu and Jonathan Kees. During the journey to the nearest MRT, Zhi Yong called Koon Yu that Kala was very angry as a lot of people left after the secondary school competition and not continueing to watch the competition of the JC Levels…

At Douby Ghaut MRT, the Red Line looked to have some problems and there is a distruption in the entire line… guess that whether an accident occurred…

MRT service resumed and splited with Koon Yu at the interchange…

Nice day today if without Kala…

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