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Almost Dead

I am almost dead!

Firstly, I am forced to sing on the stage with my friends, WEX (Low Wei Xiang) and Jack during the Sec 3 Assembly today… a theme song from the oldies cartoons – Lion King’s Can You Feel The Love Tonight… It was really a *Phew*! My high-pitched voice nearly made the hairs of the entire secondary to stand! I only sang the chorus, so that’s the lucky part (as my memory is extremely limited due to oncoming tests!)…

Secondly, as mentioned above, I am busy mugging with tests… Integrated Humanities (1) Test on tomorrow, Integrated Humanities (2) Test and Physics Test on Friday! I really don’t dare to think anymore! Surely fail!

Thridly, I broke a beaker during Biology Practical.. that costs me about S$3.30!

Fourthly, Mr Goh announced our Biology Test marks during Biology Practical and I am shocked to get just a C6… oh no! Although Mr Goh said that my marks may be not counted into the results due to my 2-week longleave, I’m still very sad about it!

Not much to say… almost dead!

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