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Hwa Chong Sabbaticals

Bah… this term’s Hwa Chong Sabbaticals are so unappealing and many kiasu people like Jun Kai and morons like Jonathan Kee (by the way, we blasted Jonathan Kee by requesting the change of date of the Physic Term Test – coz term test are fixed, duh!) and Robert Gao made it worse! Oh my… (speechless!)

Okay… I have to sign up for the HRP (HwaChong Research Programme) coz I am short of science ACE Points, although it’ll cost about S$95.00! Because of some kiasu people and morons, cheap-and-slack Sabbaticals are taken up first… so I am forced to choose… baw!

I am still greatly short of ACE Points… Have to “piah” this weekend already!

Die lah!

By the way, it’s fun to have some morons like Jonathan Kee, Robert Gao and kiasu people like Jun Kai to be in your class – they spice up your life by:
(a) allowing you to sabotage them as you like (this applies to Jonathan Kee)
(b) allowing you to cirtisize them as your fun (this applies to Jun Kai)
(c) allowing you to make fun with nicknames (Real Name: Gao Chong ; Nickname: Robert Gao Dick)

Ah, last, but not least, today is National Day Celebration (which I can skip coz I’m not a Singaporean… hehe) and I have to seat for my sickening Chinese Common Test…

If this blog have ever offended anybody (like Jun Kai, who is very concerned about this, coz he want “face”, duh!)…


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