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Ms Wun & Her Maths

Today is a very horrible day… because the timetable is almost filled up!

We have Maths on the last two periods, which starts at 2.00pm and ends at 3.20 pm. Then the Maths Representative – Bing Yuan (Nickname: Boing Yuan [coz he’s fat, duh!]; Lucy [I gave it to him today!] and I-Pad [coz our whole class is envy of him to have an I-Pod…]) , announced that the BORING Maths lesson would start 15 minutes earlier – at 1.45pm, which obviously hinting us that we’ll gonna lose 15 minustes of lunch time! Oh no!

But luckily Kala had a very horrible sorethroat, so she gave us some notes and I dozed off (too BORING, but very good, coz very SLACK). I did my English Oral Presentation about Genetically Modified (GM) Food, and some morons like Jiang Zhou accused me for taking advantage (beacuse my Biology project is also something about GM Food…) Too bad… haha!

Ms Wun entered the class and started the ball rolling by…
(a) Rushing through the lines about BORING Linear Law
(b) Rushing through the lines about BORING Logarithms
(c) Crapping about what she had had for lunch
(d) Distributing worksheets

Guess… make your choice now!

Okay, answer is out… (d) Distributing worksheets. She distributed 5 different worksheets in 3 minutes! Fast duh! But we gonna suffer!

“These are the worksheets I am expecting you people to complete them during the LONG LONG National Day Weekend…” she said. But I don’t think the weekend is LONG enough for poor souls like we people to complete the whole stack of worksheets.

Then she gave us a whooooolllly ONE HOUR free time (of course, to do worksheets)

Of course, due to my limited knowledge about Logarithms, I approached Boing Yuan / Lucy / I-Pad for help. Thenwe did homework together – but it ended up that most of the time I was copying his answer… Whoopsy!

Tiring day… I walked back to the boarding school with a WHOLE STACK of unfinished worksheets…

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